Józefa Franciszka Joteyko (1866-1928)

Autor: Krystyna Makowska
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Józefa Franciszka Joteyko (1866-1928),

Portrait from Cecylia Walewska's book "In the fight for equal rights: our fighters" from 1930, chapter about Joteyko. Polona Archive (National Library, public domain)


Józefa Franciszka Joteyko (known also as Joséphine Joteyko) was born in a Lithuanian noble family on January 29, 1866 in Poczujki near Kiev (then the part of Russian Empire, now Ukraina) [1,2,3]. Her parents were wealthy landowners - leased the estate in 1871, and in 1873 they moved to Warsaw (then under Russian rule) in order to provide education for their children. She had three siblings, one of them, her brother - Tadeusz Joteyko (1872–1932) was a Polish composer [1,4]. 

Józefa Joteyko at the age of 10 – in 1876 (from book “Józefa Joteyko” published in Warsaw in 1929)